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What is Mold? Why is it detrimental to your health and home?

Is there an excessive amount of mold present in your house? Is your property generating that distinct, unpleasant smell? If that is the case, you should call us immediately. Molds can have a significant impact on our health and it is vital to get rid of. For your property and your health, Mr.MoldCleaner is here to assist in your m Be aware!


How does the mold removal process work?

Do you suspect that mold has already appeared in your home? Do not wait anymore; call a specialist to remediate this fungus. Black mold is a terrible problem for any family, especially if you have small children, because black mold can harm the health of any person.


How to have a deal with mold

Mold can be found in any place, especially in houses that were built long ago. To increase the area affected by mold, you need only a little water, which is constantly collected in the same place.


What is mold

Mold spores are everywhere inside your house and outdoors. Mold is a fungus and the best place for mold is a moist places. Mold is spread by spore emission and its microscopic mold particles are one cell in size. For people with allergens this is a really big problem.



My wife and I just purchased a fixer upper home and needed someone to examine and get rid of any lingering damage. There was some mold in the basement, and we needed someone to take care of it. We found Mr. Mold Cleaner through a google search and hoped they were available to start as soon as possible. They came to us the next morning and gave us a free estimate. They found the mold was widespread through a wall in the area, but not toxic. It just needed to be cleaned up right away. They had to tear down one side of the drywall, clean out the mold, and then put in new drywall. It was a 2-day process, but we got it done. I am very thankful, Mr. Mold Cleaner was there for us when we needed them.
Micah Waitt
I had some mold develop in the drywall surrounding the bath faucet in my bathroom. My kids like to splash around in the bath, so I thought that might be reason for the overwatered wall around the faucet, but when the guy from Mr. Mold Cleaner inspected the area, he said a bigger cause might be the leaking faucet itself; apparently it had been leaking for a while and got into the walls and too much caused the drywall to get brittle. They had to cut a hole around the faucet to inspect inside and make sure the water didn’t spread further out. The job took a day and a half, but everything was repaired, and the small moldy area was replaced with new drywall, perfect!
Courtney Walling
I had a leaky pipe and it needed repair, so I had a plumber come to repair the leak, but he also found an outbreak of mold behind it. He recommended a professional mold remediation company called Mr. Mold Cleaner, I was hesitant to pay more money on this issue, but he said they did great work, and I can say I happily agree. They got rid of the mold and thoroughly cleaned and dried the entire affected area. They brought professional machines with certified experts and took care of the entire thing. They used the utmost precaution for themselves and my property. I was also pleased with the reasonable competitive pricing they gave me on the job.
Micky Wiseman

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